Board of Directors

Jill Siragusa, President
Leslie Roberts, Secretary
Norma Cisneros, Treasurer

David M. Burrows
Joan A. Cox
Madeleine Crouch
Savanah Earnest
Kay Ellis
Haley King Evans
Mark C. Freund
Barbara Glazer
Kim M. King
Kathryn McCartney
Mark Moscicki
Susan Seiter
John Wellik
Bruce Wittrig

Ex-officio Members:
City of Dallas, Cultural Affairs Commission
Anthony Pampillonia, City of Richardson, Cultural Arts Commission

Advisory Council

Sue S. Bancroft
Howard Hallam
Karen L. Hart
Harriet K. Henderson
Sally Hoglund
Jane Kovacs
John R. Murrell
Rose M. Rice
Barry Samsula
Judie Smith
Marilyn Tolle
Joanne Vaughan
Eartha Walls

Texas Winds Staff

Thomas Fritsch, Ph.D., Executive Director

Thomas Fritsch, Ph.D., received his Bachelor’s degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio and his doctoral degree in Cognitive Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In his professional work, he has studied diseases of aging including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. He has a deep interest in classical music, both as an art form and a way to enhance the lives of disenfranchised or isolated groups, such as those with dementia.

Jane Escueta, Program Director

Ms. Escueta received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Violin Performance from Indiana University. She performs with the Dallas Opera, Fort Worth Symphony, the Minnesota Orchestra and Texas Winds.

Diane Mickelson, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Mickelson graduated from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Psychology. She served as a Supervisor of Senior Adult Services for the City of Mesquite Parks and Recreation Department for 22 years.