The Texas Winds Board is hosting the Catherine Barr Legacy Campaign to increase the Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund will provide musical outreach to children and isolated seniors, and establish Texas Winds as a North Texas non-profit for years to come.

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About the Catherine Barr Legacy Campaign

In the fall of 1985, Catherine Barr discovered in the residents of a Dallas nursing home an unusual audience for her woodwind quintet’s music. The musicians’ desire to exhibit their craft in live performance matched the need of the residents for life-affirming human interaction. In a beautiful surprise, the musicians were awakened to the potential for sharing love and compassion in a unique concert setting.

Over the ensuing thirty-three years, this discovery evolved into Texas Winds Musical Outreach, which has touched the lives of thousands of isolated seniors, hospital patients, veterans and children throughout North Texas.

In light of Catherine’s decision to retire as Texas Winds’ founding executive director, the board of directors is honoring her service by establishing the Catherine Barr Legacy Campaign to build the Texas Winds Endowment Fund.

Sue and Christopher Bancroft, Honorary Chairs

Sue and Christopher Bancroft live and work in North Texas. They support multiple causes, including seniors, arts, education, children, and the homeless. An experienced musician, Sue Bancroft is a former Texas Winds board member, having served a term as president. She is a passionate believer in the Texas Winds mission.

“Texas Winds Musical Outreach touches the souls of the persons they serve. The professional musicians give heartfelt passion to their performances, which connect to the hearts and minds of their audiences in ways that are intangible. Both come away rewarded and changed.” – Sue Bancroft

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Texas Winds Endowment Fund?
It is the permanent capital of the organization. Its purpose is to secure the long-term financial stability of the organization.

How will gifts to the Endowment be utilized?
Gifts to the endowment will be permanently invested under the oversight of professional asset managers. Once the balance reaches $500,000, earnings on the endowment may be utilized to supplement Texas Winds operating expenses.

What is the significance of the $1 million targeted balance?
At this level, earnings on the Endowment will secure the executive director’s salary, freeing annual appeal gifts to fund over 300 additional programs annually.

Why now?
The board of directors decided that undertaking a campaign to grow the endowment to a level sufficient to secure the executive director’s salary would be a fitting way to honor Catherine Barr’s thirty-three years of service to the community as the founding executive director of Texas Winds.

Can I fulfill my pledge to the campaign over time?
Yes, pledges can be fulfilled with payments over a period of time, up to five years if desired. Statements of your pledge status will be provided periodically if you choose to fulfill your pledge over time.

Will the campaign accept securities to fulfill a pledge?
Yes, in addition to accepting checks and credit card payments, Texas Winds can accept donations of publicly traded securities to fulfill a pledge. The donation amount will equal the current market value of the securities and any accumulated appreciation in value is not considered taxable income to the donor.

Ways to Give

Thank you for your generosity and for supporting Texas Winds Musical Outreach. You can donate in the following ways:

  1. Online at
  2. Mail a check to our business address: Texas Winds Musical Outreach, 6211 W. Northwest Highway, Suite C250-B, Dallas, Texas 75225. You can view and print our handout for more information.
  3. You are also welcome to contact our our executive director, Meghan Gomen, at 469-291-5411 for other options.