A strong advocate for Texas Winds, Jane Solomon has lived with multiple sclerosis in Dallas area nursing homes for many years. Since 1995, she has introduced her friends and family to our mission by inviting them to share concerts scheduled in her room. Many of these new Texas Winds friends now honor Jane with the gift of a “Just for You” concert each month. Jane explains, “Music for me is uplifting, healing and much better than medicine…My greatest joy is in having each monthly concert.”

Texas Winds Singer-Songwriter Paul Demer says, “For many years now Jane has not been able to leave her room because she is almost completely paralyzed. I have a hard time even imaging what that must be like, but I’m continually inspired by her positivity and her zeal for living. Jane reminds me that every breath is a gift, regardless of our circumstances. Life is short, let’s live it well.”

Born in 1939 in Dallas, Jane attended Dallas schools and graduated with a BBA from the University of North Texas. She worked for an insurance company for one year before developing multiple sclerosis. Jane lived with her sister and helped raise her niece and nephew.

Jane stays busy and engaged through technology. “My computer has opened a world of possibilities to me. The adaptive equipment enables me to write, use the Internet, play games, and keep in touch with people. Digital books through the State Library in Austin, movies, visits and meals with family and friends fill my days.”

In 2016, the Board of Directors of Texas Winds voted to name its Concerts for Seniors program in honor of Jane Solomon. Jane’s long-standing relationship with Texas Winds is a powerful example of the difference music makes in the lives of players and listeners alike, nurturing their spirits and awakening the potential for sharing love and compassion in a unique setting.